New Beginnings

Well, here I am again. I registered this blog back in 2009 but was distracted for… three years. Since then I’ve done much, but I’ve just recently felt a calling to remake what I envisioned so I have my own corner of the internet to call home. The delay was probably good for you as well, my as-yet-invisible readers, because I now have a solid purpose on which to build this site.

Over the past three years (it sure doesn’t sound like much, does it?) I’ve found my calling in photography, mostly featuring landscapes and nature in general. A great many people following the same path prefer portraiture and the subtlety of the human form, though to me the true expression of nature is every bit as beautiful and meaningful. This site will serve in large part as a kind of photo gallery in which I can hang my digital frames, as until now I had nowhere but the walls in my house to display my work.

Along with photography this blog will contain my ramblings on any number of topics; expect to see quite a bit regarding the stories of Myst and the Elder Scrolls. Both series of computer games have captured my interest with their intensely in-depth storylines (not to mention the graphics), and the Elder Scrolls (Skyrim currently, Oblivion previously) allows its players to customize the game world in never-ending variations. This was, in part, what caused my three-year hiatus, so that should give you some indication of its impact.

Myst in particular has always been one of the founding aesthetics for my work and writings, perhaps because I grew up playing the series almost religiously. The name of this blog even comes from an old D’ni prophecy featured in the game Uru. The series has flatlined, though, so aside from a couple references here and there to keep the memory alive, don’t expect anything groundbreaking on that front.

I guess that’s enough information for a start, over the next few days/weeks/months I’ll be tweaking and adding to this site more and more to shape it into what I’d like it to be. Expect page changes, formatting craziness, and dead links until I can get the basics sorted out again. Thankfully, WordPress hasn’t changed much for a long time. Shorah, and thanks for reading!


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