Keep On Keeping On

Things are progressing fast. I’ll soon have what I consider a final design for the Gallery section, then I can start uploading more photos both old and new. Exciting stuff!

I’ve decided to keep the D’ni Proverb of the Week, updated on Fridays in memorial of the site’s re-birthday. All my old graphics were where I left them, plus it gave me an excuse to go back into the Cavern after a long time. I got enough material for a little-more-than-semiannual cycle, decidedly more than I expected. It’s good stuff. Now I just need to randomize the order it’s posted in to keep things fun.

I also have great candidates lined up for the Playlist/Booklist features. I’m hoping those become a good source for any who share my tastes, oddly eclectic as they are.

Soon the Author/Site pages will be done (with contact info for the interested), and besides some extra Gallery modifications that should be the last part of basic construction before things really get moving. Pardon all my rambling on these matters, but even if it’s not all that interesting to you it helps me remember what I’m doing. When everything is settled, maybe I can pull together some interesting periodic subjects to post about.

Leave it to me to start a website the week before finals.


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