Wupatki Galleries

The Wupatki galleries are up! Technically most of the shots show the ruins of Wukoki, quite near to the monument’s main attraction. You’ll notice that some shots (especially the second gallery) show evidence of flash; these were the first times I really tried out artificial lighting. It’s not my usual style, but it really did enhance some shots, especially the nighttime long-exposures and “Alcoves” in the first gallery. That whole area has an unusual vibe, if you will; it’s far from Flagstaff (about 30 miles), so when night falls it really falls. When I went there were few to no visitors, so I could hear the long breaths of wind across the low desert hills, I was visited by many little creatures of the night, and the sky put on an especially nice show. The mountains you can see in “Blushing Peaks” are in fact the San Fransisco Peaks, a central part of the landscape wherever you can see them. As evidence, they are also clearly visible from such distant places as Red Mountain and Hart Prairie. Because my two outings to the ruins were so close together I might not make a return trip for a while, but I do plan on visiting nearby Sunset Crater so I might make an exception then.


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