Late post is late, but I’ve been busy adding “next” and “previous” links to the gallery pages. I thought they would be a nice alternative to going back to each location gallery and starting over. I also put up the next D’ni proverb, as promised, for those who are interested.

Apparently there’s a whole vibrant world of WordPress available on WordPress.org which requires the installation and calibration of several internet server tools I won’t even pretend to understand. I came by this knowledge while looking for gallery plugins (among others), which look great but require this desktop installation. Maybe I started this blog before they rolled out the big guns, but I’ve found no easy way to update the system when it was never on my PC in the first place. I’ve already installed PHP, MySQL, and FTP (all of which are required), but either something’s not playing nicely with the others or I did something wrong. The update .zip package remains an inert pile of .php files that nothing wants to do anything with. Not to mention, it sounds like this will make my computer a necessary piece of the website, and I don’t know if I want that.

Anyway, apologies for rambling, I just wanted my ravenous followers to know I’m thinking of their reading and viewing experience. Perhaps I’ll figure something out later tonight, so until then, we’re stuck with what I’ve made already.


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