I thought this post could use a new image, so here’s a nice one of Odell Lake in Munds Park. It’s one of the only shots I have from that location though, so it won’t go in the gallery quite yet.

I wish I could say things are busy and productive, but in truth the future is busy and today is as-yet unproductive. I’ll be stuck in town for a week and a long weekend (Mother’s Day, you know), though after that I’ll have a week or two to have some fun. I’m thinking about putting a new artist on the Playlist section, if only to keep things moving.

As for the visions of sparkling opportunity promised by, it looks like for now I’ll be sticking with what I have. I don’t want to go muddling around in something I hardly understand, with possible consequences for everything I’ve done so far. So, I guess I’ll have to get creative with the tools provided.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll give you a glimpse of the work I’ve done in Skyrim. Some may scoff and call it a child’s game, but I scoff right back and treat it as I would any combination of camera and fantastic environment. I take pictures in the game just like anywhere else, there just may be a troll or some kind of impossible architecture in the background. Stay tuned, you won’t be disappointed!


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