First Story – The Advent

Hello again, I come bearing good news – I have uploaded my recent short story, The Advent, in its own shiny new “Fiction” section! Check it out on the main menu bar, or link to it here. Sorry it took an extra day or two to upload, but I wanted to make sure the site would display it in just the right way. If there are any issues with the Scribd plugin, please let me know.

I wrote the story as an introductory piece for a fiction class I’m taking, and I figured this plot line would be the best for anyone new to my world and its people (everyone but me at this point). It follows the events surrounding the priest Gaaon as foreigners come to his city and bring with them new ideas and technologies, not all of which agree with his religious traditions and superiors. It is broken into two parts, the second having yet to be written, mainly for the length requirement of my class. It’s probably a good thing though, as it will give me more time to really plot out the conclusion.

Let me know what you think, good or ill, and most of all enjoy!


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