Red Mountain in Early Autumn

To commemorate the beginning of Autumn, I now present the third Red Mountain photoshoot! I was able to head out for a few hours around sunset yesterday, and the mountain did not disappoint. There were whole groves of wildflowers and things taking on early colors of the season, from golden deciduous shrubs to vibrant fuchsia grasses growing everywhere. It was a sight to behold, and of course, the geologic formations were spectacular as well.

The last time I was here was February, when there was still snow on the ground and ice making exploration treacherous. There was none of that on this trip, though, and so I was granted a bit more freedom to get around to the interesting formations. The whole inner canyon was thick with the scent of flowers and a recent rain, not to mention all the insects and such drawn out by the bounty. Each nook and cranny had something growing from it, and most of those somethings were quite colorful.

Every time I visit the mountain it has been mid- to late-afternoon, which isn’t particularly good for getting light on the inner areas. Some day I’ll head out for an early morning shoot, when the sun would be perfectly positioned to fill the million-year-old cinder bowl with light. You’ll notice that almost every shot I have with the sky tends to blow out the details; that’s the result of a cool and shady canyon for you.

I could post these shots all day (it really was a veritable Garden of Eden) but I’ll cut it off here, as always each picture is linked to the new gallery. Give it a look, let me know what you think, and enjoy. I have a few more outings planned in the coming weeks assuming the snow doesn’t move in early, so keep an eye out for those. I’ll also try to update the playlist/booklist sections, which have been feeling lonely lately. With that said, have a good Sunday my dear readers!
(okay, one more)


3 thoughts on “Red Mountain in Early Autumn

  1. Hi Cody,
    Uncle Bud and I just love looking at your photos!! You are so talented. Congratulations on your beautiful golden leaves photo being hung at NAU. That is quite an acoomplishment knowing there were so many entrants. We love to see what you are seeing when you look through your lens and capture it on film! What a very talented artist you are!! We are so proud to be your aunt and uncle.:) Keep up the great work. We have your wedsite as one of our favorites!! Love, Uncle Bud & Aunt Judy

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