Face of Stone Gets a Facelift

What’s this, a post on a Monday?! Absurd. I come with exceptionally good news, though, for those who browse my photo galleries. Whether I overlooked it before or it is a new addition to my options, I found a fantastic built-in setting which displays images on my various dated pages in an interlocking tile format without chaining them to the annoying “pop-out gallery” feature. This is much better looking and infinitely easier to implement than the system I had been using, meaning new photoshoots will be able to go up even quicker than before. For a good taste of its style, here’s a link to my Durango gallery from late summer (and yes, I am still working on the rest of the Colorado pages). Pretty nice, eh? Please do let me know if I’ve missed a page, but I think everything should be set up as of today.

Also, as a teaser for things to come, I have a coupe nice shots from an attempted shoot on Saturday in the works which should be posted Friday by the latest. Until then, enjoy the new setup and let me know what you think of it all!

EDIT – Okay, fixed a bunch of missing captions which are much more noticeable now. Also, shout out to RD Revilo here for my 100th like! Today’s been a good day for FoS!

A note to my visitors – It has been reported that the new gallery format does not work with versions of Internet Explorer below 9, or even with IE9 set in compatibility mode. To see the pictures properly I recommend either updating your browser, or upgrading to Firefox, Chrome, etc. WordPress seems to be working on the issue, so I’ll keep you updated on any new information.


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