Friday Festivities and The Advent Part III

Hello again, apologies for the missed week but classes and the associated administrative work have been crazy. I have the two images from the attempted photoshoot of two weeks ago, at an undisclosed location (it’s very secret) which turned out to be too rough even for a massive SUV to handle. The trip was taken around late afternoon, so there was a lot of that nice “golden hour” light going on. Since there are only two photos, I have foregone making a new gallery, and they’ll be considered a Premium Friday Special™.

Also, I am pleased to announce the Advent Part III, the long-awaited conclusion to the short story I have been building for the past few months. You can find it here. After working out this story for the first time I could really see expanding it into a proper-length novel, as there was much I wanted to add in or digress on (not to mention the second half of the storyline) which I couldn’t due to length limitations. Regardless, please read and let me know what you think!

I realize that some areas of the site, namely the Playlist and Booklist sections, have gone without updates for a long time, but hopefully I will be able to get around to that this coming week, and maybe work on a few ahead of schedule to keep things moving in the future. I have, however, updated the D’ni Proverb of the Week, and this week’s a good one (they all are in their own way).

So, with all that said I’ll leave you to your business, enjoy next week’s Thanksgiving fun (if you’re in the US, of course) and check back soon for more goodies!


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