Happy New Year from Face of Stone!

Against Heaven
Welcome to 2013, my loyal readers! It’s been a very productive year, and let’s hope the next twelve months are even more so! I’m sure you’ve had just about enough of the traditional “year in review” posts and late Christmas messages from other sites, so instead I come bearing many presents – the results of two hikes in the Phoenix Mountains last week. I’ll keep the commentary to a minimum until the end, so please enjoy the following photos at your leisure. The pictures are, as always, linked to their galleries’ pages.
Enter the Valley
Arid Spectrum
New Colors
Stone and Spines Mono
Tiny Terraces
For the Sun
Now, as for news, I will be returning to Flagstaff soon and so my photos will begin to change location. It may also mean that photo posts will become less frequent, but I’ll do my best to keep up a regular update schedule. I still have a couple in the works (and plans for more outings), as well as a few tweaks to the website to make it easier to use. I still cannot reveal my plans for that “big surprise” hinted at some time ago, but it is growing daily and I think the result will be quite well-received. I would also like to update the forlorn playlist and booklist sections of the site, at least I have put together a nice catalog of artists and authors in the time since its last update.

That is all for now, and so I leave you with wishes of a good and hopeful new year!


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