Red Mountain in Monochrome

Vaulted Stone
Hello again, dear readers! For your enjoyment on this fine Friday I present my fourth Red Mountain gallery, taken yesterday afternoon. As a result of the mountain’s orientation with respect to the sun, the colors I captured were not as interesting as usual and so I have converted all of the shots into split-toned black and white. This is the first such gallery on the site, and I would love to hear your feedback on the result. I do have a couple photos that looked equally as good in color, and I will use those in posts by themselves later on.
Melting Slope
On this hike my friend and I discovered a safe passage to a higher and much larger area of the canyon that had remained out of reach until now. The path follows a tumbled wash bed as it passes by a stand of old pines clinging to the thin soil on the rocks. By travelling up through the trees we were able to climb up to the bottom of the mountain’s highest cliff face, giving an amazing view of the canyon and the sunny plains farther east. Most of the photos in the gallery were taken from this new path, and I am eager to return once spring visits the plant life in full.
Strong Leaves
Along the slopes are many interesting features, some of which are easy to find and others which require some steady footwork. One such feature was a shallow cave, rounded like a bubble in the cinders, and further up was a tight passageway which gave access to the top of one of many stone formations. The trail also passes several fallen pines and junipers, stripped of their bark and branches by time and tumbling downward, each of which had a unique and often twisted wood grain. Such trees could have been from the slopes we hiked, or possibly from the much higher summit of the mountain, their roots turned loose by the constant erosion of stone.
Frozen Wave
Altogether it was a very successful hike, and it has made me appreciate the mountain even more now that so much has been opened to exploration. As always, the photos are linked to their gallery, so please give that a look and feel free to leave your thoughts or suggestions.

Now, I know I have been hyping the Mysterious Project for several months now, and I can finally say that it should be ready for its revelation by the end of this weekend. It has been a long journey to put it together, but everything has now fallen into a cohesive shape. Keep an eye out for the announcement in the coming days!
Out of Shadow


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