Interlude in Phoenix

Spring Starburst
Hello again, dear readers! I apologize for the lack of updates lately, but the outside world has kept me quite busy recently. I was planning this update for the grand opening of my storefront (almost there!) but that may be a few days out yet and Fridays always feel like a good day to post. These pictures were taken a couple weeks ago in Phoenix, near the Mountain Preserve of the same name, though the hike was more of an evening walk and didn’t feature any deeds of daring-do. Luckily the desert wildflowers were just starting to bloom, and I captured several varieties for your visual enjoyment. Presented now with minimal comments is the third Phoenix Mountain Preserve gallery of this year!
White Lace Mono
Gold Quartet
Sparks of Color
Desert Rose
Desert Dreaming
Begin Again
Be sure to click through to the full gallery, there are several nice vertical shots and a few variations of scenes in color and monochrome. Be on the lookout soon for the opening of the Store, it’s shaping up nicely and will be a great addition to the site. Until then, enjoy your spring weekend!


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