Grand Opening of the Webstore!

I am proud to finally introduce the product of the last few months, my in-house webstore! I have been working on designing and integrating this to be the most user-friendly system possible, as well as to incorporate it seamlessly with the rest of the site. You can see the result by clicking the new tab on the main bar above, or by clicking here –

Visit the Store

As you will notice, not only have I set up a system for ordering beautiful prints from Fine Print Imaging in Colorado, but I have also made a section for my Blurb photobook which has been reduced in price to $90 for the standard, and $120 for the Special Edition which includes and 8×10 print of your choice. The prints you can order currently span all the photos in my gallery here, which are giclée printed on heavyweight cotton-rag matte paper which will, under proper conditions, keep from fading for over 100 years. I can attest to their beauty as fine-art prints, I’ve got one on my wall and couldn’t bring myself to cover it with glass. The surface has deep, extremely accurate colors which reflects no ambient specularity at all. You can order prints in a variety of standard, square, and original-ratio sizes, and if you like I will sign the print for $10 extra to cover shipping to and from me. Otherwise, your print is shipped directly from the lab to you, taking about a week or so. So what are you waiting for, head over to the store and order a print to fill that empty spot on your wall!

Along with the store, long-time readers may notice I have updated all the site graphics to reflect my new standard for 2013. This includes the header images, gallery tabs, and little things like buttons throughout to promote my new printing capabilities. Let me know if you find anything out of place or missing, as there were a great many pieces to replace and I may have overlooked something.

I am very excited about this “spring cleaning” and renovation, and I hope it reflects more clearly on what this site has become – a place to browse my photos, read and comment, and now perhaps own one or two for yourself.

(Also, as I write this, FoS just hit 200 likes! Kudos to that gracious patron, and now, queue the party tunes!)


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