Castle by the Creekside

Above and Below
Greetings again, dear readers! Today, to begin ushering in summer (and the end of finals), I’ve got a smallish gallery from a recent stop at Montezuma’s Castle. The castle is really a pueblo built by the Sinagua, wonderfully preserved after its abandonment in the 1400s. It sits perched in a cavity in a limestone cliff-face overlooking Beaver Creek right before it joins with the Verde River in the town of Camp Verde. You may notice this gallery is one day short of a full year since my last visit, so the vegetation was much the same and the creek was flowing nicely. Unfortunately I was only able to spend about 30 minutes there, as the monument was closing and people have accidentally been locked in before. In the absence of a thoroughly observational walk around the base of the castle, I’ll just post a couple of favorite photos for your unhindered viewing enjoyment.

Dark Windows
Afternoon Shade
Small Neighbor
White Arches
Be sure to check out the full gallery, linked to each of these photos, as there are a few nice vertical shots which don’t format quite right when attached to a post. And of course, if you see a photo which would fill that empty spot on your wall perfectly, all of these are available to be printed, just check the Store section for more details.

Thanks for looking, and stay tuned for more in coming days!

Scent of Spring


2 thoughts on “Castle by the Creekside

  1. Hi Cody, We sure love looking at your photos! They all are magnificent….We remember one of our many wonderful trips to Arizona and going to Montezuma Castle with Grandma and Granddad, along with our children when they were pretty young. Keep up the fantastic photos. You take them in a way that makes you feel like you are right there and could walk right into the picture. The way you describe each picture is very interesting. We are very proud of you!! Love, Uncle Bud & Aunt Judy

  2. Thank you! I really appreciate the comments you leave, they’re very thoughtful, and I’m glad you enjoy browsing the site!

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