Twilit Heron
A quiet September evening on the brink of autumn calls for quiet September adventures, and where better to find one than on the unfamiliar shore of one of Arizona’s few natural lakes? Ashurst lake is located north of Mormon Lake, on the higher plateau which is bounded by Walnut Canyon further on. It’s fed by several reliable springs and is a popular destination for fishing due to its stock of trout and others. I arrived not long before sunset and, having no specific direction to go, proceeded to explore the western and northern shores.
Small FlowersEngulfing

As is common in such places, the western, closer shore had many people enjoying a seat by the water, so I made my way around the north shore stopping at a couple places before finding a good area to begin a little walk. For lack of interesting commentary, I’ll simply give you a nice montage of the kind of things I saw along the way.

Falling Sun
Gate to NowhereDaisies and Sky

Pasture Lake and Mountain
Rusted RemainsRed Eye

At last I found my path, winding along under the basalt boulders which form the north-eastern shore, simply watching the slow waves and setting sun. After a short while a large stand of column-like rocks presented a good place to observe, and just as I made my way on top a heron, seen in the header, was startled and flew lazily away over the water. From where I sat a flawless view of the dusk could be had, along with the darkening San Francisco Peaks far to the northwest. Content with my perch, I waited for the sunset to commence, and was not disappointed.

Across the Miles
Swan on the Water
Once the magnificent cloud-swan above had gone to rest for the night I began picking my way back, the air slightly chill and broken only by the lapping of waves. As I crested the raised hill around the lake I noticed the trees and grass were taking on a fiery hue, caused by what could only be one thing – the last break of sun before night closed around me.

Break of Dusk

As an aside (you may have noticed I’m trying to avoid these more recently) – I realize this post is over a month overdue, but I have another coming shortly to make up for it. The fall semester has hit me hard, severely limiting my opportunities to get out and do what I love (and what you’re here for), but I will do my best in coming months to work around this. Thank you for understanding, and be sure to keep a close eye here for a couple more content posts soon!


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