New Story – Tsaion Part I

Flash of Red
Fine greetings for the post-Halloween calm and the promise of the weekend! I’ve mentioned that I’ve been having trouble making time to take new photos for the site, which continues to be true, but today I have something a little different, if familiar – The continuation of my fantasy short-story series The Advent, posted and half-concluded in three parts over last fall, and now being taken further with a fourth part, which I’m calling Tsaion Part I. This will be extended by two more parts by the end of the year, but for now you and I can both revisit the lives of Keion, Tenova, and the Arshaveni after a long break. For your convenience I’ve embedded it below, but you can also find it with the previous three chapters through the Writing tab above.

As an added bonus, I have for you a single picture of bright red oak leaves taken just last week on the NAU campus. By now most trees are bare, so this may be the only true fall color to grace Face of Stone this year. It will certainly not be the last photoshoot of the year, however, so be sure to keep an eye out. Until then I wish you all the best – enjoy the bright afternoon sun before winter’s chill sets in!


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