A Short Interlude

Born of Ice and Fire
It’s been a long while since the last update here, but fear not, I have not forsaken you, dear readers. In fact I have been quite busy (with photo things, no less!) and I wanted to be sure I could make a meaningful series of updates without simply throwing material out there. First off is this small collection from the Phoenix Mountains, the landscape of my home and all the more beautiful still for the winter season. Frequent visitors may notice a theme not only in location, but also in subject, with many posts such as this – I find small bright cacti to be excellent subjects, and the patterns in stone harbor endless fascination. Because of this these few shots may seem familiar, perhaps too much so, which I acknowledge. However they are but a taste of things to come, of far-distant valleys, whispers of coldest snow and soaring rock, amazing monuments of the natural world, and of more ordinary places closer to home. Because of the backlog of such wonders I have been accumulating it would be foolish to put it off any longer, so sit back and enjoy over the next few days and weeks as I reveal what I’ve been up to piece by piece.
StretchSundered Waves



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