Painted Photos from a Friend

Well Worn THanchett
Surprise update today! An old friend of mine, Thomas Hanchett, has painted two of the photos from my most recent Zion gallery! His excellent skill captured them perfectly, textures, color, the whole deal. I figured I’d show them side-by-side here, and each of his are linked to his Facebook page, Thomas Hanchett Art. Go give his work a look, there’s a great diversity and you’re sure to see something you like!
Well Worn THanchettWell Worn
SunfallSunfall THanchett


One thought on “Painted Photos from a Friend

  1. Hi Cody,
    It is awesome how Thomas Hanchett was able to paint two of your photos! It was really interesting seeing the two of them, side by side. What a brilliant idea! Both of you are extremely talented. We love looking at all of your work and read all of your stories pertaining to your photos! We feel like we are right there with you and we learn so much. Not only do we see brilliant beauty, that you capture, that is a true gift from God, but we are able to learn all about the area as well. We always look forward to seeing all of your photos and it is not because we are your Uncle and Aunt. You have the perfect eye to capture God’s Beauty!!
    Uncle Bud & Aunt Judy

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