Bryce (Utah Pt. 2)

Slowly DissolveSlowly Dissolve Mono
Welcome back! This week I have pictures from Bryce Canyon National Park, the second destination of my photo class’ trip to Utah. This particular location has held me up for a while because, and prepare yourself for this, I did not especially enjoy my time there. Yes yes, I’ll give you a second to find your eyeballs and put them back into your head. But it’s true. The morning was easily the coldest I’ve ever felt, breaking -10F (which is a big deal around here), I was woefully under-insulated, and the night before had seen little sleep. Yes, there was a strange, harsh beauty to the place, and I hope that comes through in the relatively few photos I captured, but I would much rather try again in more temperate weather. The sharp mood of the park made everything a contrast of orange and white, and I think that too restricted my progress until I tried viewing a few shots in black and white. As a result, I’ve created a gallery where every scene has its counterparts in color and monochrome, so your unbiased eyes can see that which you enjoy most. I do not have nearly as much commentary as for Zion, indeed, most of these shots were taken from major overlooks or short trails, so I’ll simply show you a little of what I saw that cold morning.
Rugged HorizonRugged Horizon Mono
Give and Take Away MonoGive and Take Away
ChaosChaos Mono

Sunrise KarstSunrise Karst MonoFragile StrengthFragile Strength Mono
Persevere MonoPersevere

Growth RingsGrowth Rings MonoMeltMelt Mono
Stone Above, Water Below MonoStone Above, Water Below
PiercedPierced Mono

Pillars of a Frozen CourtPillars of a Frozen Court MonoFrozen Tears Mono

Frozen TearsAnd there you have it! Quite a sizable display, with each picture duplicated. Quite honestly I’m not sure which form I prefer, so if you see something you like in black and white or in color, let me know why, your opinion might be what helps me settle my own internal debate. And, as always, if there’s one or two you particularly enjoy, they are all up for sale as high-quality prints via my Store. See you soon for the conclusion to this series!
Roots Revealed MonoRoots Revealed


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