Horseshoe Bend (Utah (sorta) Finale)

Made to Be Seen
Hello again, dear readers! Today I’m happy (and relieved) to finally post the ending to my series of Utah photographs taken in early February. This last entry is technically not Utah, but a feature of the Colorado River just before turning into the Grand Canyon, a short ways south of Page and Lake Powell. It’s one of the most famous sight-seeing destinations in Arizona, and for good reason – after a short walk over sandy desert the vista spreads out in such a way as to make taking a bad picture nearly impossible. The curves of the canyon walls, the blue-green band of the river, and the expansive rocky plains above all conspire to make one very picturesque location. A bittersweet result of this, at least for the photographer, is the challenge of taking a picture that stands out from the herd and gives people some new, novel way of seeing the same scenery. I tried many different variations of ideas while I was there, and perhaps you’ll like some of them better than the obligatory full-on view above, and in the end collected a rather nice gallery duplicated in black and white, as my shots from Bryce were. Because of the simplicity of the location I don’t have much commentary to provide, but if you’d like to comment on anything that catches your eye, please do!
Horseshoe Curves 01Horseshoe Curves 02 Mono

On the BrinkWalls of Earth

Horseshoe Curves 01 MonoHorseshoe Curves 02

Closer LookOld Eyes, New Light Mono
Keep an eye out for more photos very soon, and thank you for stopping by!


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