An Overdue Update

This year has seemed like a slow one for Face of Stone, hasn’t it? Winter faded to spring and spring to summer, which is now on its way out. I’ve done lots of interesting photographic things this year, but for whatever reason their release on this site has encountered major delays. I have pictures from Wupatki, the Vermillion Cliffs, Lake Powell, Tuzigoot, lower Walnut Canyon, Picture Canyon, and even a couple from Phoenix that I desperately want to show you, but my time and motivation have been at very low levels the past few months. I could blame it on a fractured toe but truthfully it started even before that, and the beginnings of rejuvenation I had going have suffered because of it.

My last semester of classes will be starting soon, and it’ll be my goal to shake this site up before that date, and even moreso as the year comes to a close. Things will be getting more serious, more professional, and (fingers crossed) more dependable. I’ve recently made an account on the popular photo site 500px, which you can find here, though as of yet it doesn’t show any photos. That will change very soon; I would like to make it one of my major outlets. I will also be consolidating my social media footprint, focusing on the useful and throwing out the clutter. Tumblr will become a bigger, more flexible presence, and Twitter and Facebook will remain out of necessity, but aside from those and 500px it’ll just be this site.

Speaking of, I’ve hinted before at planning a major remodel here at FoS, which is still very much on the table. I’m even considering moving to a new platform with a better layout for my kind of portfolio, so that could be very exciting. Add to that my constant desire to clean up the Store and make my unnecessarily-large catalog easier to browse, and you can see where I’m trying to go with these improvements. Things grew quickly and branched out a little too far or in odd directions, now the task of pruning and shaping is at hand.

Thank you to the followers who have stuck around despite my inactivity, and to anyone reading this for the first time, I’d say keep an eye out, Big Things will be happening soon.


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