D’ni Proverb of the Week

The D’ni people are long gone from this world (as are all the Myst games except Uru), though their legacy lives on in what they have left behind. This page will be my tribute to the amazing stories converging in that great cavern under the desert. Every week I will post a new proverb, usually from the five volumes of Words, as written by the Watcher, alongside the precious few known from the Regeltavok Oorpah and any others which can be related to everyday life. I’ll be leaving out those passages which deal exclusively with the Myst storyline so that this page will be as interesting for everyone else as it is for the Gathered. The proverb will update on Friday in memory of this site’s re-birthday (and as luck would have it, its original founding day).


This page is for any links I have collected which may be of interest to the generalized reader; I’ll keep them spread over a broad spectrum so as to not give preference to any one category. I may do small articles on other sites I like in the Journal, but these will remain more-or-less unchanged. A few are pieces of my internet past which deeply influenced me once upon a time, so be warned, you might stumble across something too interesting to put down.

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Links to Face of Stone and Dakota Petersen Photography across the internet. Currently includes Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Big Cartel. Tumblr updates daily, with additional posts on Facebook and Twitter as content permits. Big Cartel is an experiment with a simpler shopping-cart-style store, currently hosting a limited edition of prints to fund its expansion.