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You want a wallpaper, you want InterfaceLift

The Art of Animation

Wonderfully diverse traditional and digital art (Warning: occasional mature elements)

Eric Freitas

Site of an ingenious clockmaker working in carved brass and a twisted aesthetic

Myst Online: Uru Live Again

The Deep Cavern still breathes, waiting for those who will heed its call

Myst: The Book of Atrus – The Graphic Novel

A fan-made comic retelling the first Myst novel

Cyan Worlds

Developers of the Myst series and the multiplayer online game Uru

Nifflas’ Games

Long ago, we were giants


Reconstituted Victorian engravings and irreverent humor combine to make one of the best comics on the internet


Collections of props and artwork echoing the ancient darkness of the howling void

Art of Manliness

Articles ranging from straight-razor shaving to wise words on a life well lived

Skyrim Nexus

The largest and most comprehensive resource sharing site for those interested in modifications of the Elder Scrolls series