Big Cartel Store Open – Limited Edition of 25 Prints!

As an effort to bring a more polished, user-friendly store interface to Face of Stone, I have started an account at the small-business aligned Big Cartel which offers a simple, familiar shopping cart system to order specific prints of my photographs. Over time the storefront may become the main outlet to order prints, though due to its nature they will be prints that I have selected as opposed to the full customization an order directly from Face of Stone allows. At this time I am allowed five products for sale, which can be upgraded to 25, 100, and even 300, but each of these is a higher pay level and to get there I’ll need your help. So to kick-start the Big Cartel store, I am issuing a limited edition of twenty-five prints, five each of five photographs, which will be hand-signed, numbered, and dated by myself. Each print is one of those which has stood out to me over the course of 2013, rendered in monochrome with a subtle split-tone coloration. The prints are 8×12 in size, made to the same standards of quality as all my orders, and are now on sale for $50 each, shipping included. Please refer to the main print section below for details on the process. You can find the store here –

Dakota Petersen Photography on Big Cartel

Scenes of the Southwest

click here to preview or order

click here to preview or order

A chronological anthology of my photos from 2012, ranging in location from Phoenix to Flagstaff to Durango and featuring everything from macro shots to expansive landscapes. Each of the 25 full-sized images is paired with a descriptive passage about the location, the subject, or something more poetic. The book is published by using high-quality hard binding measuring 8¼ x 9¾ and printed on 56 pages of archival coated photo paper, making it a beautiful thing to see and hold. The price for the book, which can be shipped directly to you anywhere in the world from, is $90 plus Blurb’s shipping. You can click the cover above which is linked to my bookstore to preview the first 13 pages, or to purchase.

I am also offering a Special Edition of the book, which will be signed by myself on the endsheet and includes an 8×10 print of your choice from my gallery here at Face of Stone, printed as per the information in the Print Shop section below. This edition is priced at $120 with no additional shipping charges. If you would like to order the Special Edition, please contact me at:

After confirming and upon payment I will arrange the shipping and printing details. Please note that because the book will make a side trip to me before it gets to you, shipping may take about two weeks depending on when it and the print are ready. I will notify you by email of Blurb’s progress, the printing lab’s, and of my own throughout the process. I am currently shipping only within the United States, and payment must be made exclusively through PayPal.

Custom Print Shop


With the opening of my print store I am pleased to offer all the photos in my gallery here for sale in the sizes and prices listed above. The giclée prints are made by Fine Print Imaging in Fort Collins, Colorado, and are of the highest professional quality. The paper selected is a heavyweight 100% cotton rag matte style called Somerset Velvet, which has a watercolor-paper surface and carries a light-fastness rating of over 100 years. Prints will have a white border which varies with total size to allow for easy mounting and, if you so choose, my signature and date.

If you would like your print signed I offer this service for $10 extra to cover the additional shipping from me to you, otherwise your print will be sent directly from the lab to you for no additional cost. Packaging from the lab is very secure and keeps the print from moving inside its container, which will be an envelope for prints below 12×18 in size or a thick packing tube for sizes above; I will do my best to reconstruct the same stability if your print is to be signed.

Please note that while I offer prints above 16×16 in size, such large formats may experience some noticeable degradation in sharpness. This is unavoidable within the limits of digital photography, but if you would like a larger print I will work to optimize the quality as well as I might. If I find the photo itself unsuitable for such dimensions, I will leave the decision of whether or not to continue up to you.

To order, please fill out the form below once for each photo you would like printed. When your order is received I will send you a confirmation email with a PayPal invoice, and upon payment I will begin the printing and shipping process. It may take me up to a day to send the confirmation email; please take this into account accordingly. At this time I am unable to accept any form of payment except PayPal. Shipping from the lab to you (for unsigned prints) should take about a week, and shipping for signed prints may take from one to two weeks. I will keep you informed of the lab’s progress, and of my own.

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Thank you for supporting my photography!