Any short fiction I write and consider noteworthy enough for the site will be posted here. Because there may be long gaps between release dates, you can expect a post in the Journal whenever something happens here. Because my catalog of stories is a bit thin at the moment, categories will not be assigned and the content may instead be considered through a short summary. Feel free to leave a comment on any story.

The Advent

Book One

The preacher Gaaon and his acolyte Tlianeth encounter a group of unusual foreigners in their city, and as each is affected by the newcomers in turn the city itself is shaken by new concepts and political threats. Geion and Tlianeth are pushed to join the foreigners as they leave the city for some destination farther inland, Geion because of his dissatisfaction with his superiors and Tlianeth because her visions may hold the key to the foreigners’ future. Along the road many secrets are revealed, and new mysteries deepen. Written in three successive parts over a period of several months in late 2012.

Book Two

(In Progress)